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Hot toad in the old town
July 21, 2009, 8:56 am
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  Toads and frogs                       Move out of harm’s way

 With the spring rains, we had an unusually large crop of new toads

Toad warming on the edge of a burn pile.

Toad warming on the edge of a burn pile.

and frogs. One of the more common is a large toad that grows to be almost three-inches long. They have a hard time getting by in dry weather, but burrow deep into the ground to escape the heat and come out after dark. They manage to survive by taking insects after dark and on dew droplets.

  Like reptiles, toads like their creature comforts. This was illustrated to an unusual degree when one of my medium-sized yard toads approached my burn pile. Only a few hours before flames had been 12-feet high, and the heat was so intense that you could not stand within ten yards of the blaze. There was still a bed of very hot coals in the center of the pile.

  I noticed a toad hopping up onto the pile. I moved him off only to find that he soon returned. Some how he apparently knew how close he could get without becoming a toad crisp. For as long as the burn pile was warm, he apparently enjoyed the heat. I don’t know if all toads are this hedonistic, but this one was.

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