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Mouse footed and faunal succession
June 3, 2009, 3:18 pm
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Common mice   Suppress the population  Traps and sticky boards

When there is a vacant place in any habitat what frequently happens is that another species moves in to occupy that niche. At Whitehall, my 1790s home, I had finally discovered a way to successfully trap and remove a family of wood rats that had cohabited with me. It was not so much that I minded sharing with the critters, but the things persisted in running around all hours of the night and moving a sash weight behind my bed that sounded like a Chinese gong.

Sorry, guys; but you have got to go. Ultimately I trapped three adults and two juvinals with Haveaheart traps. That cured that problem.

A couple of nights after I had the last successful trapping I was making a midnight run to the bathroom. Coming back through my dark hall, I felt something stick to the bottom of my bare foot. I could not think what that might be until I arrived in my bedroom where there was some light. This was a sticky board that I had put under a piece of furniture with a live mouse attached. I had apparently exchanged 1-pound rats for 1-ounce mice.

If I have got to have one or the other I had rather have the mice than the rats. At any rate that was a new experience for me. Never before had I walked around truly footmoused. I am just glad that he was in no position to bite me.


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